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Airline Tickets

We know all there is to know about airline tickets. We understand the specific requirements of firms whose employees undertake business travel. We have created leading technology which guarantee that we’ll find the lowest prices, whether or not they are included in standard reservation systems. And we can negotiate competitive ticket discounts with most airlines.

Most importantly, we have a wonderful team of travel consultants – real professionals in their field – who are ready to satisfy even the most complex requirements to ensure that your trip runs smoothly from start to finish.

We like to offer the whole picture – besides standard or low-cost carriers our consultants can also provide you with alternative overground transport options, flag up visa requirements, recommend suitable accommodation, advise you on airport parking and offer a host of other services. They can also access the reservation systems of our foreign branches, so they can guarantee ticket prices not usually available on the standard market. They are also able to negotiate excellent group discounts across a multitude of flight providers and can even help you with charter connection requirements or with private plane rentals.

All the of the above show why we’ve become the number one partner to so many international business travel purchasers.

Our business travel service includes:

Finding both standard and low-cost connections, through different combinations of carriers in addition to single tickets
Recommendations for connecting land transportation and further services such as accommodation, visa arrangements, car rentals and insurance
Comparison of different price sources and the possibility to benefit from more cost effective ticket purchase through a foreign HRG branch
Negotiation of the best group tickets, charter flights or private plane rentals
Arrangement of a variety of additional services –airline loyalty schemes, access to VIP lounges, backward loading of loyalty scheme miles, parking at airports etc.


Arranging an airport parking spot for your car is all part of the service. We can also obtain some good discounts. Our clients particularly like to use our services in the following locations:

Prague – we offer all options (Prague Airport, GoParking, Vinvi)
Krakow – where we can get up to 90% discount

Our services cover most departure locations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Germany.


We are able to arrange a transfer to and from an airport to meet your needs, from deluxe to basic. In every destination we use our local branch network on the ground, to ensure you the best possible value for money.


A reliable and comfortable flight connection coupled with a great choice of accommodation can have considerable impact on the overall success of a business trip. Travelling should be comfortable, easily accessible and as cost effective as possible.

When we process proposals, we consider a number of options from different sources, selecting the ones we think will suit you best. We have our own hotel programme – the HRG Global Hotel Programme – at our disposal, which enables us to offer advantageous prices, modest cancellation fees and guaranteed free capacity in more than 15 000 hotels all over the world.

In addition, we use other global consolidated price comparison systems so our clients are assured of the lowest possible price. This system offers the added advantage of issuing a pre-paid voucher to make invoicing easier for our clients, and it also saves time when checking out of a hotel. We can also help you with long-haul apartment rentals or with accommodating large groups.

Many of our clients use our consulting services to negotiate discounts and corporate rates for accommodation both in the Czech Republic and abroad. We have unparalleled experience of delivering hotel programmes for our clients which create significant savings without compromising on comfort.

Train and Bus Tickets

Package trips are popular with our clients, offering the reassurance that everything is taken care of in one go.

Our consultants can always make recommendations for connections via various means of transport – train and bus for example – as a good cost effective alternative to flying whether you are travelling in-country or further afield.

We are one of few agencies with direct access to the reservation system of Czech national rail carrier, Ceske drahy. This means we can respond to queries, print and deliver tickets – and we can do it all fast.

In addition, we offer ticketing for all of the Czech rail carriers (Ceske drahy, Eurolines, Student Agency, RegioJrt, LeoExpress etc.) and many foreign ones (Deutsche Bahn, Eurostar, SNCF – TGV, Russian railways, Japanese railways and others).

And our international office network means that we can get you tickets for just about anywhere through our team on the ground across other countries, no matter how unusual the destination.

Car Rentals

If you need a car at your destination, we are happy to arrange the rental for you, whether it’s a budget car rental or a chauffeured town car.

We can recommend vehicles, organise insurance and make sure you have all the details pertaining to car rentals or driving in that country, keeping everything as simple and straightforward as possible.

We work with most car hire companies – we are familiar with their offerings and are able to negotiate even non-standard and additional services in many cases. So you could return the car to a different location to where you rented it, for example, or we could arrange issue of a “full value voucher” which means you can pay for the hire with a follow-up invoice without needing a credit card guarantee.


Understanding the world of travel insurance and comparing different insurance offerings can be a minefield. We can take this off your hands and make recommendations tailored to your specific requirements.

We can also organise insurance for specific situations such as cancellations, luggage loss, delays and visa problems. We can arrange repeat insurance or long-term travel insurance or even blanket policies to cover all your employees on an ongoing basis.

Visa Services

Our visa services are comprehensive and reliable and we regularly handle complex visa requirements on behalf of some of our most valued clients – including international passport holders or for countries whose embassy is not based in the Czech Republic. And always within the agreed timeframe.

Our visa service starts from the moment your booking begins, when we provide you with all necessary visa arrangement information, right up to delivering your passport and visa to your office.

We also deal with urgent enquiries and express visa requirements; sometimes we are even able to arrange your visa without the need for your presence,although embassies usually require applicants to attend.

In order to secure your visa smoothly, we’ll also file the necessary insurances and guarantees in the required language, where necessary.


HRG is a travel industry leader in the world of tech innovation and implementation, which significantly enhances the way we work with clients. Our strong global base coupled with our bespoke technology offering and associated support means you can get not only the best possible control system for travel expenses but also the best system across all aspects of your business travel management.

1. Booking and Expenses Optimisation Processes

We are particularly proud of developing online reservation systems tailored to our clients’ needs. Whether you plan to use our own HRG Online system or third party systems such as AeTM, iFAOCyntric, Concur travel, KDS, Traveldoo, GetThere, we approach each case individually and professionally to find the best solutions for your business.

Each time, we’ll recommend the best systems for your company’s needs and implement set up, training and technical support for primary and secondary users in both Czech and English.

We can also create a built-in or stand alone approval system and can provide details on HRG TripPASS which enables you to gain 100% control over the whole booking process for your company.

2. Data and Reports

An important part of our offering is reporting and statistics, enabling you to monitor your company’s travel in detail, in order to maximise efficiencies across your organisation.

The HRG Global data report means you can ensure that your travel policies are adopted across your organisation and that bookings use the best possible prices. You have the option of monitoring your employees` travel connection choices, the development of average ticket price purchases and further services, such as division of expenses per office, the number of employees, projects, and so on.

Security of travellers is a priority for both ourselves and our clients. Whether it is managed through our HRG Insight system or by partner systems such as iSOS, you will have access to an immediate overview of traveller activities, of any potential risks, and you’ll also be able to get in touch with travellers any time.

We also offer full support in integrating the delivery of data to your accounting and expense management systems (SAP, Oracle, Ariba, Concur, for example).

We will also provide you with a report on all unused and partially used airplane tickets and arrange an automatic refund of those amounts thanks to our own E-ticket reclaim technology.

3. Quality of Services and Guarantee of Lowest Prices

Our technology helps maintain the highest standards. Take Travel Case, which ensures that all travel consultant proposals are delivered in a timely way, a clear format and that they have included all of the most competitive price options in the same, clear format.

Then our travel portal, HRG i-Suite means that your travellers will have all of the tailored information they need about their trip, at their fingertips. This also comes as a mobile app for those who want to use it on the move.

Why work with us?

High quality, professional services – with more than twenty years experience in the field we have earned a reputation as a reliable partner offering top-drawer service. The long-standing nature of many our client relationships is testimony to this.

Lowest price guarantee – in order to achieve the lowest airline ticket prices and savings on travel expenses we use a number of tools – top technology, great experience, proactive consultancy and creative thinking.

Professional consulting – we’re one of few agencies which offers proactive travel expense cost saving consultancy. Long term, we can help diminish the cost of your flights and travel services.

Quality and experience of employees – our team are seasoned professionals who are able to deal with even the most complex of arrangements. Our low staff turnover speaks for itself – we love what we do – and to the strength of our team here.

Technology – we lead the way in travel technology, creating innovative solutions such as online reservation systems, automatic business trip confirmation and made-to-measure data and reporting systems.

Independence and transparency – our offers are objective, worked out with your best interests in mind and are fully transparent.


The main thing we share with our clients is that we are both interested in strong, long term partnerships. Our focus is on continually achieving travel efficiencies and savings for our clients, no matter how big or small. We can help control business travel expenses through a winning combination of technology and a wealth of experience. We can offer the reassurance that you’ll get the best value for money, throughout the process, with recommendations on how to optimise your business travel costs.

1. Making immediate savings on your travel service purchasing

We can immediately reduce costs through our technology, offering a lowest price guarantee.
Our product knowledge and creative thinking is unrivalled in business travel planning.
Clients benefit directly from discounts negotiated by HRG.

2. Planning long term savings and optimising travel expenses

Evaluating the existing booking processes and systems and developing proposals for improving them in tandem with developing new systems and policies.
Negotiation of corporate discounts and company loyalty schemes at airlines and hotels, and implementation of technologies leading to more effective bookings processes and control over travel expenses – internal approval systems suitable for an online reservations tool, setting and extent of reports.

When determining the price of a service, most companies use the cost of the transaction – this typically makes up around 4% of the overall travel expense. In order to make significant savings, it’s worth looking harder at actively reducing costs across airplane tickets, accommodation and other services – and this is what we can take care of. We’re happy to pull together a no-obligation proposal for optimisation of your company`s travel expenses.