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HRG Meetings, Groups & Events designs and implements a diverse range of events globally, with the objective of educating, motivating and rewarding your employees, business partners and customers alike.

In twenty years of experience, we have successfully delivered a vast number of big and small corporate events such as trade fairs, congresses, seminars, sales meetings, teambuilding events and incentive travel both abroad and in the Czech Republic.

These are no simple “off the peg” trips or package holidays, we approach every single corporate event individually, always reflecting your requirements. Thanks to our extensive experience, each undertaking is considered a unique project. No matter how many attendees, what type of event or where, we are always able to offer you the best venue and to apply the ultimate tailored service.

The success of HRG lies in our broad range of professionally delivered services, in teamwork across all our departments and, most importantly, in our efforts to completely meet all the needs of our clients.

Due to our strongly established offering both in the Czech Republic and internationally, HRG Meetings, Groups & Events offers clients excellent financial and business terms. And you can rest assured that your corporate event is fully secured, fully controlled and the funds effectively used.


Teambuilding and theme-orientated events

“Teamwork is the foundation of a company`s success.”

We seek out unique, unexpected places in the Czech Republic and abroad. We can arrange accommodation in the vicinity of the venue, and book corresponding conference space including technical and audio-visual equipment. We can manage attendee logistics within the Czech Republic and from abroad.

We can design a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities, providing catering and gala dinners with themed evening entertainment featuring Czech celebrities. We will personally check the quality of chosen venues, the equipment and the range of services prior to the event.

We also take the pain out of event management with our registered R4E technology and through a dedicated product manager at the venue who is there to oversee your requirements.

Cultural, Social and Sporting Events


“Liven up travel with the untraditional – fancy Wimbledon, Tour de France or Formula 1?”

We can prepare an overview of all special cultural, social and sport events and organise smooth booking and delivery of tickets for the events of your choosing. We can book accommodation in or near the venue and arrange all logistics. We will also book the air tickets and all necessary visas and finally, we’ll sort out the catering for the entire trip.

We’ll arrange travel insurance too and we can organise additional programmes, a tour-guide service, trips and sightseeing tours, wellness and relaxation, sport and theme-orientated activities. Finally, we’ll offer the support of a product manager for the duration of your stay.

Corporate Events

“Surprise others with an untraditional party.”

We will find unexpected, special places both in the Czech Republic and abroad, arranging accommodation at the venue or close by with good transport options. We can book conference space including technical and audio-visual equipment, engage comperes and VIP celebrities. And we’ll take care of all attendee transport, no matter where in the world they’re coming from – the Czech Republic or further afield.

We can organise themed programmes, live music by bands or DJs, pyrotechnic displays, fashion shows, magic shows, and dance or acrobatic performances. We can offer catering and gala dinners for themed evenings of entertainment featuring famous Czech celebrities and we’ll personally check the quality of chosen venues, equipment, services prior to the event and will provide the support of a product manager at the venue.

Conferences, Meetings, Seminars and Sales meetings

“We take a holistic approach to organising meetings – that way we can save clients time and hassle and make the whole process much easier.”

We will find the best locations with accommodation in the Czech Republic and abroad, selecting suitable catered conference spaces including technical and audio-visual equipment and interpreters, if needed. And we’ll take care of the logistics, plane tickets and visas, too.

We can supplement the days with extra-curricular activity programmes – guided tours, trips, sightseeing tours, wellness and relaxation, sporting and themed activities. We will personally check the quality of venues, equipment and the range of services prior to the event. And we’ll simplify the organisation of the event using our registered technology “R4E”.

Attendance at professional congresses and conferences


“We apply our knowledge and we stick to the rules, to protect both you and your clients.”

From the outset, the MG&E department plays an important role in the management of professional attendance at specialised foreign and domestic congresses and conferences. We use our experience to work out requirements ethically, with special focus on information protection and anti-corruption legislation.

We’ll recommend travel itineraries that correspond effectively with the congress schedule, and we’ll provide you with a range of accommodation from the organisers – and elsewhere, if it has good travel connections. We’ll even organise early registration to keep costs down for you. And we can arrange any catering, logistics and book suitable conference spaces including technical and audio-visual equipment.

A consultant will be on hand to assist you for your whole stay – they can make sure everything is above board and they will also provide you with a detailed financial report on the congress’s attendance.

Incentive Trips around the world

“Show your gratitude to your employees and business partners through unforgettable experiences.”

We can recommend a destination and a programme suitable for the size, make up and nature of the event you’d like to hold or the place you’d like to be, providing you with information on the destinations available and other relevant local information. Then we can use our strong market position to negotiate you some strong group rates on your air travel and accommodation in approved resorts and hotels all over the world.

We can create imaginative programmes tailored to the trip, including official tour guides or unusual catering in unusual locations. And we’ll take care of any necessary visas and travel insurance. We can also ensure a personal airport check-in and the accompaniment of a dedicated, experienced, product manager throughout the whole trip.

Exclusive Travel and Private Holiday

“Enhance your travel experience.”

We can offer the out-of-the-ordinary – whether it’s comfortable flight connections, private plane rentals, VIP lounge access or finding top quality accommodation in approved resorts and hotels around the world, we can help you. You could enjoy a meet and greet limousine service, luxury dining for an out-of-this-world gastronomic experience or tickets to world class cultural and sporting events – we can take care of it all.

We’ll arrange extraordinary and inventive sightseeing programmes, can arrange personalised protection for our VIP guests, and offer the support of our Exclusive Travel Manager 24/7 throughout the whole trip.


“We will make sure that your guests leave the event excited and wanting to come back.”

We will select accommodation in line with both your wishes and the needs of your guests, and always at the best rates. Our programmes will take cultural sensitivities into account and tailor catering and activities accordingly to help you achieve your aims from the visit.

We can arrange all logistics throughout the stay, provide a certified tour guide in your preferred language and will ensure the personalised assistance of our product manager throughout.


“Make the organisation of the corporate events easier with the help of R4E”

HRG is, above all, a technological innovator with an overall focus on making our clients’ event management as easy as possible. The MG&E department has developed “Register for Event” or “R4E”, a user-friendly interactive app for corporate events of any kind, for unlimited attendee numbers.

The big advantage of the app is the “complex registration solution”, which offer user-friendly simplicity and clarity. It serves as an interactive log-in and an attendee registration tool for any event. It includes all necessary information about the organised event and about the location, enabling delegates to specify accommodation, dietary, medical and activity requirements . It also enables you to use the firm`s colours and insert your company logo. Moreover, it sorts out intermediate salaries of the delegates and invoices within all kinds of corporate entities.

The R4E means you can also save information and contact details for all registered delegates. Information such as arrival and departure transfer requirements, changes in hotel accommodation etc. are carefully saved so that they can be collated in an Excel report after the event.

Why with Us?

“Our goal is to help our clients on their journey to success. Our services are adjusted to meet your internal requirements, regulatory environment, financial systems and last but not least, your passengers` needs.”

Our team consists of professionals who have extensive experience in the industry and who are constantly striving to reach ever higher levels of proficiency and knowledge. We work only with approved, established suppliers within contractual agreements. At HRG we pride ourselves on our open communication style and our collaborative approach, with both clients and suppliers alike.

We are proud members of a multinational company with a strong position in both the Czech and world business landscapes, which means we are ideally placed to offer our clients exceptional financial and business terms. We respond flexibly and professionally to any changes and we provide control over expenses through consolidated bookings. When arranging your events, we minimise expected threats and take care of financial responsibilities.

Our emphasis is on perfect event planning, on consistent control of all procured services during the event rollout and of clear and comprehensive invoicing after the event. Thanks to our worldwide reach, we can support any event, anywhere, and will take full responsibility for any challenges along the way.

We share an accounting system, work procedures and technologies as well as service standards with our Slovakian Republic branch. This means that we are able to offer 100% reciprocal service coverage in both countries. Our bespoke technologies will support the safe travel of your employees and business partners, wherever their destination.

Our proactive approach means clients get to reduce their travel expenses whilst maintaining the highest of standards, long term. We can also work within your financial parameters and are happy to engage with any preferred suppliers you may have.